Build Your Mobile App Training

Creating a mobile app and owning a platform of your own is no longer a dream for others.

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the social media algorithms when speaking or selling to your audience?

Are you looking for another stream of income for your business?


  • Training session with Dorlita Blakely
  • Mobile App Planning Worksheet
  • Shared knowledge to provide proven strategy on how to create, grow, and make money from owning your own digital platform
  • Exclusive inside look to how I run my own mobile app

In this training you will learn how you can create, grow, and make money from a platform of your own by having your OWN mobile app! I will to teach you how I continue to grow my community of users over the past three years and how you can too.

We will also go into detail about growing your mobile app community so that it reaches the masses, what it takes to stand out amongst other mobile apps, branding, and how to make money from your mobile app!

Mobile app training information
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