DS University

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Imagine knowing exactly what to do to start and scale your business and impact lives?

You have a desire to serve more people and I want to help you get seen, booked and not overlooked. DS University is here to put you on the path to success so you don't have to Google your life away, do all the wrong things, or the worst thing (give up on business all together). Instead I'm  taking all that I have learned in my 16 year of business ownership experience, trials errors and failures + the years of those experts that poured business knowledge into me and helping you with your marketing strategy, business ideas, side hustles and technical hurdles. All to see you explode in the success I know you were created for.

The Diamond Entrepreneur Society University is opening for Enrollment. Inside of the University I have put together tools, resources, eBooks, worksheets and more to help you grow and be successful entrepreneurs.

Here is what you'll get in from DSU:

diamond-logoAn online student portal full of courses, worksheets, tools and downloadable templates

diamond-logoLive Q&A” to answer all of your faith, business, website, mobile app and social media questions with me.

diamond-logoA private community to connect & collaborate with others in the program

diamond-logoMonthly Development with Dorlita Coaching Sessions

diamond-logoMotivational emails sent straight to your inbox to enhance your learning and accountability.

diamond-logoGoal Achieving Check-ins and Spiritual + Personal Development session with Dorlita.

I don’t need to convince you to want to grow? Get on the list.

Imagine for a minute…

Close your eyes and take yourself to a place where you are actually CONSISTENT with your content, offers, branding, messaging, & your emails.

Seriously, think about it.

If you showed up EVERY WEEK to serve your customers or clients…

  • no feeling stuck
  • no “I don’t know what to say”
  • no “I don’t want to bother people”
  • no “I hate feeling sales-ish”
  • no “I’m overwhelmed and not sure what to work on first”

If you had the support and accountability to be consistent, what difference would it make in your business?

In your bank account?

In your ability to sleep at night?

YES it would absolutely make a difference!

If you knew what to do each week, each month, each day to attract your dream customers & get sales, you would show up as a different kind of entrepreneur, right? A confident one who takes decisive action that gets real results.

So now it's time for you to make one of two choices …

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing … then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to grow your business to make a greater IMPACT on your clients (and your business), then your choice is obvious: join us inside DS University membership to become the successful entrepreneur you've always dreamt off.

Simply click the button below and we will be waiting for you on the inside!

Dorlita Blakely